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Value Proposition Development Service

Strategic Alignment of Products & Services

When you are challenged to offer customers better value than competitors, we provide leadership to bring precise alignment between customers’ needs, your product features and services which you offer.

Using our powerful proprietary methodology, your senior teams will dig deep enough to understand current and prospective customers’ purchase decision triggers and roadblocks. Their work will be translated into a menu of meaningful and cost-effective services, adding significant value to the customer’s product, service or purchase experience.

This value proposition update is imperative because as our economy continues the transition from products to services, consolidation gives captains of industry advantages of scale, while entrepreneurs pick off niches using web-based (self) service platforms. Firms competing in the mid-market often can adjust their services mix to add customer value in ways their “battleship” and “Zodiac” competitors can’t.


Arm your sales teams with a stronger value

proposition to sell. You’ll see quick payback.

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