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Prospective Client Profile

1. Growing, privately-held, mid-market businesses

• With hundreds or thousands of customers and employees, and a professional management team in place.

• They typically face intense external competition for customers, internal competition for growth resources, and the challenge of evolving to embrace omni-channel distribution and marketing.

• Often facing multi-generation ownership or management transitions, whether or not the founder/entrepreneur is still active in leadership.

Client Benefits

We lead their sales, strategic, marketing and annual planning meetings but discussions range broadly, from future vision and investment decisions to operational priorities and balancing human or financial resources.

When we assist with implementation planning for key initiatives, these management teams appreciate the focused action plans they develop with our guidance, and our upbeat, visual, highly-interactive approach. Their plans actually get implemented.

They also report professional development value from learning to develop and implement plans using our proven Growth Management Process™, even at the senior level; some firms adopt this strategic management process as their own..

Sales meetings are the time when sales plans and competitive strategy mesh together. Keep them fun. AND make them productive.


1. Growing, privately-held, mid-market businesses

2. Operating divisions of publicly-held corporation

3. Well-staffed, well-funded startups

4. Trade Associations and Not-for-Profits







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