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Prospective Client Profile

2. Operating divisions of
publicly-held corporations

• National, multi-national or global in scope, but at the operating level.

• These divisional management teams “own” their customer relationships, and typically compete in the mid-market.

• They do have full P&L accountability, but generally depend on corporate departments for some customer-facing services and support infrastructure.

Client Benefits

When we customize an agenda and facilitate planning meetings for these teams, they appreciate just how much good work and sharp focus can be accomplished in two or three days of a well-structured planning session; and they enjoy the continuity of strategy implementation across multiple fiscal years which results from their discussions and decisions.

Action plans are straightforward and focused, and mesh easily into corporate planning formats.

They also report professional development value from learning to develop and implement plans using our proven Growth Management Process™, even at the senior level; some firms adopt this strategic management process as their own.

Our proprietary planning and implementation process accommodates the complexity of coordinating plans with shared corporate resources, forecasting financial returns for corporate investment proposals, and the appetite for chasing too many opportunities at once, a temptation for many corporate divisions.


1. Growing, privately-held, mid-market businesses

2. Operating divisions of publicly-held corporation

3. Well-staffed, well-funded startups

4. Trade Associations and Not-for-Profits









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