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Prospective Client Profile

3. Well-staffed, well-funded startups

• Who are chasing critical mass and share in their rapidly-evolving competitive market space.

• Whether or not a technology-based business, serving B2B or B2C customers.

• They are building a loyal customer base while at the same time developing infrastructure, culture and values, and management processes to support and accelerate their growth.

Client Benefits

Planning for startups is rarely tied to the fiscal year budgeting cycle; the business is moving too fast to wait. Early-phase planning frequently results in development or fine-tuning of their value proposition, to ward off competitors nibbling on their flanks, and to find a solid target market and positioning which will offer continuing growth opportunities as their market evolves.

These teams appreciate the linkage between strategy and their technology or product roadmaps which is negotiated during the planning sessions.



1. Growing, privately-held, mid-market businesses

2. Operating divisions of publicly-held corporation

3. Well-staffed, well-funded startups

4. Trade Associations and Not-for-Profits






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