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Prospective Client Profile

4. Trade Associations and Not-for-Profits

• We love to support environmental organizations with planning assistance.

• We often facilitate board/staff planning retreats to update industry trade association plans for advocacy, membership growth and member services. And we make keynote presentations for industry conferences to demonstrate how growth strategies vary by phase of business growth.

• Every year we support one or two selected charities with planning assistance at greatly reduced professional fees, to update positioning, fund-raising strategies and Board development plans.

Client Benefits

Not-for-profit directors who have a corporate background find our Growth Management Process™ a familiar approach to strategic planning. It brings many stakeholders into consensus on the organization’s direction, especially the Board and the Executive Director who will implement the agreed direction. This process minimizes the chances for micromanagement by an overzealous Board member; and it brings clear alignment of accountability for results, a prerequisite today for building member or donor loyalty.


1. Growing, privately-held, mid-market businesses

2. Operating divisions of publicly-held corporation

3. Well-staffed, well-funded startups

4. Trade Associations and Not-for-Profits








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