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Planning Meeting Facilitation Service

Summit Meetings

At your favorite offsite venue, with all your key players in the same room and with your critical issues on the table, we work together to hammer out your annual plan. The plan will be strategically solid, even if you’ve never stopped to do a strategic plan before. It will reflect your current operational and strategic priorities for the next year or two, with a clear statement of your business direction.

The plan will be concrete, action-oriented, and signed off by every member of the management team. It will also be captured in a document for you to publish internally following formal approval. And the electronic version will enable frequent updates as plan details evolve.

Clients report that our Growth Management Process™ and our experienced facilitation result in the most productive planning meetings they’ve ever attended.


If your next growth opportunity is not yet clear,

or if there isn’t consensus on the business direction,

it’s time for a strategic summit to out-think your

mid-market competitors.

  The summit of Mt. Stevens,

in the North Sierra near our

Donner Pass office, offers

a metaphor for planning

in challenging business



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