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Sales Meeting Design & Facilitation

Bringing the sales force directly
into strategy implementation

Sales meetings can be fun AND productive.

When we design and facilitate a sales meeting, it typically follows one of these scenarios:

1. There is a corporate strategy which relies on the sales force in a significant way for implementation. We include real-time implementation planning in the agenda, then lead small groups to develop specific territory, segment or distribution plans with action assignments.


2. When strategic initiatives are being developed elsewhere in the organization and the sales team’s role is more “business as usual,” we lead planning breakouts during the sales meeting so that territory teams have time to figure out how they will make their numbers, and how to work more closely with headquarters (especially marketing and finance groups) to develop sales tools which are appropriate to the sales challenge and powerful against competitors.

3. When the sales team has challenging goals, the agenda includes more time for planning, for sharing competitive information and for targeting specific markets, segments, major accounts and prospects who match “likely to buy” prospect profiles. Lead generation, CRM implementation and sales teams’ input to product development are often agenda topics, too.sales2

In all instances, we provide leadership to structure the agenda, guide preparation and handouts, facilitate the meeting (often less in the spotlight from the back of the room) and provide notes of key discussions, decisions and assignments.

Sales meetings are the time when sales plans and competitive strategy mesh together. Keep them fun. AND make them productive.







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