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Trade Association Keynote

Learning how to compete more
effectively in your industry

Are you tired of canned presentations by motivational speakers?

What topic is on everyone’s mind when all the key players in an industry gather for a trade association convention? It’s usually HOW TO GROW OUR BUSINESS, in spite of everyone else in the room.That’s the topic of our keynote –

“How to SPOT growth opportunities for your business."

By presenting an intriguitradeng overview of how an example business grows over time, participants see their own business in an industry context, then can easily identify opportunities that are right for their phase of growth. If time permits, we go into detail on the imperatives for business leaders to consider at every phase of the company’s growth:

• Entrepreneurship / startup
• Emerging from entrepreneurship
• Mid-market businesses
• Captains of Industry, and
• Merging into or acquiring another firm

This keynote is not off-our-shelves. We work with the trade association staff to customize presentation materials, and to prepare relevant handouts on industry trends. And we involve participants (handheld microphones are essential) to share their knowledge, without divulging competitive strategies or discussing pricing. It’s a fast-moving, see-the-industry-view session.


We also facilitate association strategic planning sessions during the convention. We recommend that Board planning be held later in the week, after the keynote, so their discussions on the evolving role of their association will be more focused after seeing the “big picture” unfold during our presentation.

Do you SPOT opportunities for your business that are appropriate for your industry’s structure and for your current phase of growth?




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