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Rob Eskridge
President and Principal Planning Facilitator

In spite of 30 years as a strategic management consultant and planning facilitator in more than 40 industries and 16 countries, Rob approaches each planning meeting and implementation assignment with a fresh look, designing agendas and management processes which are uniquely tailored to the business issues, industry trends and financial situation which the client faces. Rob lives and mountain bikes in the Tahoe area and in southern Santa Clara County. His background includes a B.A. (economics) at Santa Clara University; an MBA (strategic marketing) at the University of Southern California; marketing experience at Procter & Gamble and other leading firms in the grocery industry; business and not-for-profit Board positions; and significant support for many community organizations.

Ryan Stock
Vice President, Planning Facilitator & Graphic Recorder

With an outstanding business education (California State University Monterey Bay) and golf skills to match his previous career in the golf industry, Ryan joined us as a Director of Marketing and Industry Research (we do a lot of that), and now brings his graphic recorder skills to clients, documenting meeting decisions and managing the flow of planning information, which can seem overwhelming. We've seen Ryan waterskiing, wakeboarding and surfing enough to confirm his watersports addiction. He lives and farms on a ranch near Gilroy, CA.

Howard Anderson
Creative Director

Howard and Rob first worked together in college on The Santa Clara newspaper — Rob, editor; Howard, cartoonist. They have continued to work together throughout their careers. At NBC, Howard was a leading art director/designer of television print advertising, winning numerous industry awards. Additionally, Howard directed a “Who's Who” list of NBC talent and guest stars for still photography. Prior to NBC, he was with the Los Angeles Times, producing award-winning outdoor, transit, trade and consumer print advertising. Howard is an experienced advertising creative director, illustrator and fine artist. At Growth Management, Howard illustrates strategy concepts as they are being developed, then works with clients to translate new strategies into powerful traditional and online media advertising.

Cathy Halvorson-Rudolph
Client Services Coordinator

Cathy coordinates service delivery, keeps us in touch with clients, schedules us for planning sessions and accesses process resources when clients need them. She also manages the often-complex electronic communication with clients and their protected networks. Cathy also manages to get great seats at San Francisco Giants games when bleacher seats are the only option, and has parking privileges right next to Willie Mays at AT&T Park. Cathy lives in Truckee, CA.


Allen Hovious
Executive Vice-President and Senior Planning Facilitator

With a solid and enviable corporate career in strategic marketing (including Brand Director at Jack Daniel's), Allen has brought his southern accent and strategic insight to companies in many industries, in the US, Australia and in Western/Eastern Europe. He partners closely with management teams to provide momentum for their growth strategies and plan implementation processes. Allen lives and plays near-scratch golf in Nashville, TN.


Ivan Spingl
President of GMC Marketing, s.r.o. and Senior Consultant

As the bells of freedom began to ring in Eastern Europe in 1989, Ivan transitioned his career in an eastern bloc export firm into a consulting practice focused on accelerating the transition of state-owned and entrepreneurial firms into a free market economy. He has developed broad expertise in Competitive Intelligence processes, manufacturing industries and public transportation. With a passion for cross-cultural understanding, Ivan introduces management teams to business practices which lock in customer-centered values, important learning for businesses which are emerging into the tough, intense world of global competition. Ivan lives in Prague, Czech Republic, and currently holds the GMC "Billiards Champion" title.


We are members of The Grove’s worldwide network of consultants who work visually to facilitate planning sessions. We also collaborate with David Sibbet and other Grove members on the development of large format planning worksheets and to develop management processes which link with the visual planning formats. Client planning sessions are often held at The Grove’s center in San Francisco’s Presidio, and many of our clients also take The Grove’s skill workshops on working visually in an organizational setting. www.grove.com

Our business operates with as little paper as possible. Our filing and client communication are primarily digital. We re-use or recycle what paper we do use, and our markers are refillable. For each planning meeting we facilitate, we plant a tree in the Amazon to reduce deforestation, in cooperation with The Nature Conservancy’s “Plant-A-Billion” initiative. To join us, click here: http://www.plantabillion.org

Sometimes clients ask that we actually bring trees to the planning meeting, which participants take home and plant in the location of their choice, or The Arbor Day Foundation will plant trees in a National Forest on our behalf. To join us, click here: www.arborday.org

Planning sessions are sometimes held at The Chaminade Resort in Santa Cruz, overlooking Monterey Bay. www.chaminade.com

Sacramento meetings are typically held at The Sutter Club, across from the State Capitol. It is a private club which dates back to 1889, and was founded by the original 49er’s and their children, the first generation Californians. www.sutterclub.org

Spring and summer meetings are often held at Sugar Bowl, located on Donner Summit at the foot of Mt. Disney and Mt. Judah. www.sugarbowl.com

 Fall and winter meetings can be held at Granlibakken, on Lake Tahoe’s west shore, near Tahoe City. This is a cost-effective, all-inclusive venue with a rich history. www.granlibakken.com


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